SIDEKICK works with its customers, making sure they have just the right amount of stationery, at just the right cost, always.

It's just common sense really. SIDEKICK take an intelligent and direct approach to the supply of business stationery by first taking a good look at how its used within your organisation. That way, you buy just enough of what you do use and not a single thing that you don't. Perfect!

We're a friendly bunch, too. You'll know our people and - to make things even lovelier - we'll know your people (and your needs) too. It's this closeness and continuity of service that ensures you achieve maximum practical and financial efficiency of product use.

You'll never run out of the stationery that you do need, and you'll never be knee-deep in all that strange stationery stuff that you don't need.

Call us on 0191 268 6272 and swap your 'stationery supplier' for a 'stationery partner' today.

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